In 1997, by chance, I was given a 10,000 lire banknote that features the hand-written message shown on the right. →
Karen's words may have been dedicated to the whole country, but since I found the banknote (or, better, the banknote found me) here in Rome, I like to think that her appreciation was inspired by this city in particular.

This sounds to me as a modern version of a message in a bottle, so I would be pleased to get in touch with Karen, trace the story of her banknote and - why not? - meet her on her next visit to Rome.
Therefore, I would be grateful to anybody who could help me contact her.

send me e-mail about Karen

"Hi! I'm Karen
Wilson, I'm American
from Sacramento
California, U.S.A.
I love Italy, and
I hope to come back
here! See you soon

bye, bye!!!"

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